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Dr. Shaileen Parikh

A perfectionist by nature and proficient in his field, Dr. Shaileen Parikh is a trained and experienced vitreo retina surgeon and also the face of 3rd Eye.

A gold medalist from Gujarat University, Dr. Parikh completed his masters of surgery in Ophthalmology. Having done his fellowship of vitreo retina at Sankara Nethralaya, Asia’s best eye hospital, Dr. Parikh is also recognized and applauded for being the pioneer of the Diabetic Retinopathy Project in Gujarat – A project that was funded by the World Diabetes Foundation (Denmark) and has benefited over 1.5 million patients who have been screened for diabetes and diabetic retinopathy.

Having treated many patients from Africa and the Middle East as a dedicated ophthalmologist, he has also been delivering lectures and seminars at various conferences including a lecture on retinal awareness in Kenya.

Along with giving his services to the Nagri Eye Research Foundation where thousands of patients with retina disease have been treated by him, he is also a visiting retina specialist to some of the top corporate hospitals of Ahmedabad.

A member of the Rotary club, Dr Parikh is not just a committed eye specialist but also an able teacher and a dedicated human being.

Shaileen Parikh

"We live in the eye of a medical revolution that is taking place around us. Continuous research over the last few decades and the better understanding of retinal diseases has ensured that most of the retinal diseases can now be treated completely."

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  • Ms. Heena Jadav

    I had completely lost my vision in the left eye. For 3 months, no doctor was able to diagnose the disease. I have undergone retina surgery at 3rd eye clinic for this rare and complicated retina disease. And within a few weeks, my complete vision was restored. Thanks to Dr. Shaileen Parikh and the 3rd eye team for saving my eyesight.

  • Mr. Ranjit Shah Businessman

    I had lost my vision due to retinal detachment - A disease which I have heard about for the first time. I underwent a surgery on my retina immediately and had my vision restored. I am very grateful to Dr. Shaileen Parikh and his team who treated me like a family member. In addition to that, he even counselled me about the disease and the treatment. The hospital has all modern facilities to treat retinal diseases.

  • Mr. Alok Rai

    Our experience at 3rd eye clinic has been excellent. We were treated with the utmost in professionalism and courtesy. It was very difficult for me to accept the fact that I had lost my vision in one eye because of an injury at a very young age. But with the reassurance from Dr. Shaileen, I underwent a surgery and now my complete vision has been restored. The surgery was painless and I believe I was in the best place for this treatment. Definitely this clinic has become the "3rd eye" for me.